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Graphic Design, Web Design, Identity

BigFish Design Inc. is a professional Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising company with over 25 years experience. We have great expertise in corporate identity, logo design, stationery, brochures, web design and development, database-driven websites with content management systems, web site hosting, and almost any other piece related to graphic design or web programming.



My name is Douglas Bringle. I am the principle and owner of BigFish Design, Inc.

My background spans 3 decades of work in the field of Graphic Design and Marketing. In my early years, starting in the 1980’s, I had worked in various capacities ranging from Graphic Artist to Production Manager to Art Director. It is during this time that I acquired my knowledge of commercial offset printing handling the design, art direction, purchasing and management of the printing budget for a large local consumer manufacturing company, Cosco Inc.

At Cosco, I designed most of the major catalogs, brochures and sales literature used to market their product lines. I handled the printing budget and scheduled the production of the work including model selection, room set design, trade show graphics as well as all vendor selection.

Leaving Cosco in the late ‘80’s, I took my skills and management background to other companies in the Muncie and Indianapolis areas working as a Art Director and Creative Director where I managed a staff of artist and writers. During this time, I picked up the additional skill set of computer aided design for print page layout and production.

In the early ‘90’s I worked as a independent designer/art director with a client base of local and regional clientele. I was introduced to the lead designer at Cummins Inc. in early 1993 where I established what was the start of an 18-year association as a contract designer and employee where I was titled, Senior Art Director.

In the late ‘90’s I became aware of the growing market of opportunity we now know as the World Wide Web. I have since became a student of “all things” internet and bring forward my design and management background into the realm of Information and Web Site Interface design.

Leaving Cummins in 2012, I have again reached out to local and regional clients. I look forward to continuing to grow, learn, and apply my present and future skill set designing and marketing for my customers.

Douglas Bringle

Owner, Lead Designer, BigFish Design, Inc.

Who we work for

Small to medium size business/start up company

BigFish Design Inc. can offer the small to medium size business/start up company design services to create a tangible presence in the marketplace, Whether your need is marketing and advertising in the form of Identity, Web, or Print , we will work with you to enhance your business.

Graphic/marketing department extension

BigFish Design Inc. can aid your internal graphics department with overflow design and production services, With a background founded in design for print, we are able to take the design process from conception, design, production, art direction and print coordination. We can also be a asset in the creation of various web graphics to fit an established “Branding” scheme as well as full website production.

Services offered

Creative design development
Art direction
Project management
Design production

Types of work

Logo and identity
Photo manipulation
Editorial layout
Magazine, catalog and direct mail design.
Web design as HTML or CMS using WordPress
Web hosting and SEO

Phone: 812-350-6613
Business Hours: 8a–5:30p M-F

Graphic Design, Web Design, Identity

No Cookie-cutter design

We consider design as a partnership with the client for a specific purpose. It is our job as visual communicators is to listen first. Our clients are the experts in their given field and have definite ideas and concerns when it comes to marketing their product or service. That is why we want to hear what our clients have to say without any pre-conceived notions as to what is best for them.

Once the facts are in, we will assess the client input and explore the possibilities. These findings are brought back to the client in the form of recommendations. Upon agreement to direction, costs and timing can be established.

Throughout the process, the client is consulted to assure them the project is on target and on time.


Graphic Design, Web Design, Identity

Late is unaccepable

A beautifully design solution is not effective if it is delivered late. Attention to detail includes attention to the client schedule and deliverable needs. As the project managers for your print, web, or identity project, we will work to assure you that your job is delivered on time and at cost. Late is never an option.




Graphic Design, Web Design, Identity

Let’s make you a Star

The real rush is when you prosper! Achieving the desired results is the bottom line. Your success is our goal and we love to see your company do well in the marketplace. Let’s push your business to the top!


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