Our approach

An eye for design, focused on marketing

Resource-based: Putting the right resources together to achieve the strategic goal of the client

Our “resource-based” approach allows us to integrate a team of web consultants, creative designers, writers, programmers and marketing professionals that know how to get results. We pull out the absolute best tools for each job we engage in while maintaining a low-overhead… making BigFish Design Inc. a true value for our clients.


So how does this approach work?

The resource -based approach is our way of managing talent and jobs on “as per need” basis. “Talent” required to complete the project, if not available in-house, is sought after and hired for the task that needs to be accomplished. All talent are people that are recognized as “high-skill-set” in their particular industry that have a reputation of excellence.

BigFish Design will contract the “talent” for the particular need and manage their contribution as part of the services needed to complete the project.

Why is this better?

One of the advantages to this approach is keeping the overhead, and therefore the cost, low to the client while providing all of the services needed to complete the project. Most agencies/studio maintain a staff with various skill sets. The cost of the staff is built into all projects that the agency/studio receives. Your project supports the cost of the staff regardless of utilizing those staff members. Our approach is lean and focused.

Services offered

Creative design development
Art direction
Project management
Design production

Types of work

Logo and identity
Photo manipulation
Editorial layout
Magazine, catalog and direct mail design.
Web design as HTML or CMS using WordPress
Web hosting and SEO

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